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Trayvon Martin, A Case That Never Should Have Made The News

I’d like to start by saying that the entire Trayvon Martin case is tragic; two men lost their lives that day, and in all likelihood no one will ever know exactly why or how.  However, where a large majority of the country seems to be incredibly dogmatic toward Zimmerman, and are pursuing some sort of social statement or possibly personal validation through this case.  Unfortunately, the bottom line is quite simple:

He probably deserved it.

Now, I’m not implying that anyone should ever deserve to die, but this case is far more clear-cut than anyone would dare to make it.

Trayvon Martin was walking through the backs of a housing complex in a storm with his hoodie concealing his face.  While patrolling the complex, as was his usual routine, George Zimmerman left his SUV while on the phone with 911 operators to attempt to give the police a direction and description.  He didnotreadily fling racial slurs, the 911 operator asked him specifically for a racial description of the young man.  After that, the operator instructed Zimmerman to stop following Martin, at which point he turned toward his vehicle and intended to leave.

After this, the reports become far less clear but the bottom line is that Martin jumped Zimmerman and the two entered a physical altercation.  It was at this point, with Martin on top of him, that Zimmerman reached for his registered firearm and discharged a shot into Martin, killing him. 

I’m sorry, but race had nothing to do with this.  There was no profiling, no social statement, it had nothing to do with his clothes or his skin, he was walking suspiciously, and rather than behaving rationally and waiting for the police to explain that he lived there, he jumped a man with a gun.

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